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Vintage Mushwani Baluch Rug, 45" x 37"

Vintage Mushwani Baluch Rug, 45" x 37"


Priced in Mexican Pesos.    Vintage Mushwani Baluch Rug, 45" x 37",  this is a tribal variation of Baluch weavings.  Not a common rug with a very special latchhook design found more often in Caucasian rugs.  Some old repairs.  Overall good condition. A wall hanging or table top rug in my opinion.

The Baluch, also known as Baluchi, is a population largely living scattered through-out three neighboring countries. They inhabit the provinces of Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan in eastern Iran, western and central areas of Afghanestan, and western Pakistan. While some Baluch people reside in villages and cities, there are those that still live a transient nomadic lifestyle in these three regions.

 Weavings by tribes such as Firozkohi, Hazara, Jamshidi, Mushwani, Taimani, and Timuri of the Chahar Aimaq (four tribes), are categorized as Herat Baluchs, but many dealers prefer to name them after the tribe origin.

The Baburnama of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur places a tribe called Mashwani in the area in the early 16th century. The late George Washington O'Bannon who traveled the area in the 1960s as deputy director of the Peace Corp also placed a tribe called Mashwani in the area and attributed these rugs to them.

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