Semi-Antique-Turkoman-Tekke-Rug,  Ca. 1940 ,  3' 2" x 4'

Semi-Antique Turkoman Tekke Rug, Ca. 1940 , 3' 2" x 4'

Priced in US Dollars.   A Turkomen weaving from the Tekke tribe with the traditional rows of guls.  Very good overall condition , silky fine quality wool .. Measures 3' 2" x 4'   Any and all our rugs are sold with a 7 day trial, you need to know how this will look in your lighting, day and night .. if after a week you haven't fallen totally in love, call us and we'll pick it up and return your money.  A little info on Turkomen rugs: The world’s oldest carpet — the 4th century B.C. "Pazyryk rug" — was found in the Altay mountains not so far from present-day Turkmenistan. It has some major similarities with modern Turkmen carpets. In the 12th chapter of “The Travels of Marco Polo”, which relates to the Italian traveler journey in Iran and Central Asia in the 13th century, Marco Polo said: "The finest and the most beautiful carpets are made here and rich fabric of red and other colors are woven here." This was one of the first mentions of Oriental carpets by Western sources but it seems plausible they were around much longer than this. Turkmen carpets were featured in European Renaissance paintings such as "St John Altarpiece" by Hans Memling, which features an archaic Turkmen Salyr (Chuval) Gol thought perhaps produced by the Turkmen weavers in Anatolia (Turkey). In "Still Life" by the same artist, one the most archaic Turkmen gols — "Memling Gol" — is depicted. [Source:]

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