Semi-Antique: Shah Abassi Flower Isfahan, 8' 5 1/2" by 5' 2 1/2"

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Isfahan (also known as Esfahan) was the capital of Persia from 1598-1722. Today, the city is a recognised UNESCO world heritage site, rich with Islamic architecture from the 16th century Safavid period.  It was during the Safavid period that Isfahan's rug weaving industry first flourished. Under the rule of Shah Abbas I (1587-1629) Persia's output of cultural arts increased rapidly to meet the growing demand from prosperous western regions and their clientele, who relished the opportunity to purchase new exotic goods. To boost production, Isfahan was bestowed with a royal factory allowing skilled artists and weavers to join forces on a mass scale. In turn, new extravagant floor coverings were designed and produced- the like of which the world had never been seen before.  One popular motif originating from the Safavid Period in Isfahan is the Shah Abbasi floral design which this rug contains (the Shah Abbas central pattern on oriental carpets consists of arabesque, palmettes and lotus-motifs in elegant shapes which demand a high knot density. This pattern was developed during Shah Abbas I regency and is common in Keshan, Isfahan, Mashad and Nain carpets).  It is very reminiscent of the famous 16th C. Safavid  rugs you see in all the major museum collections worldwide.  This measures 8' 5 1/2" by 5' 2 1/2".   Excellent Condition. 

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