Abadeh Persian Tribal Rug, Iran

Antique Abadeh Rug, 85" by 53.5", Iran, Fine Weave

Priced in US Dollars.  A true antique Persian rug with the classic 'diaper' medallion similar to the antique Qashqai and the blue weft threads as is tradition for this weaving area.  Abadeh rugs are a type of Persian rug woven in the city of Abadeh. These rugs most closely resemble Shiraz rugs, which can be attributed to the geographical location of Abadeh between Isfahan and Shiraz.  Shiraz rugs typically have wool foundations while Abadeh carpets usually have cotton foundations. Abadeh carpets are generally finer than Shiraz rugs and often have blue cotton weft threads. These rugs were inspired by the Qashqai.  

The size  is 7' 1" by 4' 5.5",  good condition, low pile, one old repair, good ends and sides.  92.15m x 1.36m As with all our rugs you will have 7 days to return it in case the wear is more than you can live with, or for whatever reason.   We have another rug from this area of Iran, it is a newer one, 40 yrs. old, it gives you a comparison bewteen old and newer weavings, so you can appreciate how fine the older rugs were in weave, color and design. 

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