Pop Up Bar in Glass Case

"Pop Up" Bar in Glass Case, late 1920's American Made

Peso Priced Item.   This is from the fabulous Greenacres estate (44 rooms) in Benedict Canyon (Bevery Hills) . It was the home of silent movie star Harold Lloyd and until his death in 1971 it remained original in all details.  For a few years attempts were made to make it a museum, etc but in 1975 it was sold lock stock and barrel and eventually an Estate Sale was held and our consignor attended the sale and acquired this unusual piece.  This probably would have been located in one of the suites to accomodate a guest.   You can see from the photos of the underside, there is an antique lever and piston mechanism that controls the opening of the case as the bar rises up.  Original condition.  29" tall and 20 1/2" square. 

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