Persian Varamin Rug, 41" by 62", Minakhani Motif

Peso Priced Item;    This rug comes from the town of Varamin in Iran.  Many rug and carpet experts see Varamins as being among those Persian carpets most authentic in terms of traditional style and motif.  The Motif is the Minakhani design.  Most of the classic Varamins are woven in this motif.  The condition is good but it does have a few notable signs of age.  The side bindings (called overcast) are worn enough in some areas to expose the base cord.  There was, as sometimes happens in tightly woven rugs, a wrinkle, and it was professionally removed and the area reknotted.  See my photos with the green line marking the area.  A great job, hardly visible. This measures 41" by 62". 

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