Portrait of Maura Ogazon, Guadalajara 1860's

Period Portrait of Maura Ogazon, Guadalajara 1860's

Priced in Mexican pesos.  This portrait was painted of Maura while her father was the Governor of Jalisco, Pedro Ogazon, one of the important political figures in Jalisco's mid 19th C. history. 

The artist is thought to be Juan Cordero, a very important artist of the time and considering the importance of her father that could be very much be possible.  Cordero was known for his 'sensual' depiction of some women in his works of the 1860's and the family from which this came has always referred to it as being a Cordero.. We can guarantee no such attribution but with the proper research that connection could be made someday.  Meanwhile, we are selling it as a fabulous mid 19th C. portrait of a 'renowned' character from a famous family in Guadalajara's history.  There are published stories of her bohemian nature and her love affair with a famous artist (married) that resulted in his suicide..This measures 29" by 35" (74 x 89cm). It has been cleaned, repaired and relined. There was a cut in the canvas to the left of her neck, which knowing it is there, you might be able to see it. Original framing from the period.

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