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Luxurious TRS Sofa, Silk Brocade Fabric, Down Filled

$110,000.00 Regular Price
$82,500.00Sale Price

Priced in Mexican Pesos.. This sofa was made by TRS, the top upholstered furniture maker in the USA (read below).  The fabric is a silk brocade of exceptional quality.  This is not your family room sofa, more a formal living area of a luxurious bedroom .. think of it!  It measures 75" wide and 36" high at the back. Here is the story of TRS:  TRS Furniture's mission is to produce the highest quality upholstered furniture. In an industry where unfortunately quality products are becoming increasingly rare, their mission is unambiguous - "we produce the best". Please spend a few moments to review the list of quality features below. While you will find this list of interest, construction of quality upholstered furniture is more than a list of specifications. Quality is an attitude - the type of attitude that refuses to compromise. This attitude thoroughly permeates T.R.S.'s entire organization and is embraced by all their employees.Frames:TRS frames are made of kiln dried solid maple. Maple is used because it is a hard tight grain wood. Other woods such as oak and ash are never used because they are open grain woods which tend to split and are inferior for frame building. Many exposed wood carved frames are made of mahogany or beech.The typical TRS frame is made with 1.25" thick rails and 1.5" thick back leg posts. However, rails are as thick as 2.5" when necessary. Back legs feature one piece post construction. Both back post and front legs become integral parts of the frame by being double doweled into the side and front rails and secured with glued and screwed corner blocks. All joints, braces and corners are double doweled and secured with glue and screws.All exposed wood frames are hand sanded and hand finished.Spring Up:A quality eight-way hand tied seat construction is essential to the comfort of any upholstered furniture. Just as a quality box spring is vital to the comfort of a mattress, the comfort that you experience from a sofa cushion is dependent on a quality eight-way hand tied construction. While many companies claim to offer eight-way hand tied construction, extremely few produce a quality product. TRS produces a true high quality eight-way hand tied job. Cushions and Pillows:The old adage "you get what you pay for" is certainly true in the case of cushions and pillows. Other than the cost of fabric, cushions and pillows represent the single largest material cost. This is because TRS uses the finest materials available. For example TRS never cheapens their cushioning by blending down and feathers with polyester fiber or other synthetics. Their down and feather wraps are all down and feather. While this is more expensive, the result is a level of comfort that is possible only when adhering to this strict standard. Also all of their cushions and pillows are made with down proof ticking fabric. They never use less expensive muslin or non-woven fabrics. The result is cushions and pillows which are more comfortable and longer lasting.

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