Oriental Rug, wool, 13" by 8'8"

Large Hand Knotted Oriental Rug; 13' x 8'8", As-is; Color Run

Priced in Mexican Pesos. This rug is knotted in the Persian style but could be from Turkey.  The design used does not correspond to any Iranian village or city ..thus I am just calling it an Oriental Rug of Mid Eastern origin. 

This measures 13' x 8'8",  very good pile BUT at some point in its' life it was improperly washed and the red color ran throughout the carpet, turning the white to pink.  As with all the rugs we sell, you have 7 days to cancel the sale and we will pick up the rug and refund the purchase price.

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$19,500.00 Regular Price
$13,650.00Sale Price

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