Large Antique Chinese Rug, Aubusson Design

Large Chinese Rug; Aubusson Design, As-is; 1930's, 13'6" x 9'10"

Priced in Mexican Pesos. This Chinese rug was made in the classic Aubusson Blue with the medallion of flowers encased in wide floral borders .. typical Aubusson from France.  The actual Aubusson's were flat woven like a tapestry and the  French Savonnerie was the true hand knotted French rug of the 18th C.  The knotting on this rug so resembles the Nicholls rugs of the same time frame in China (1920's-30's) that this may very well be a Nicholls rug.  They are known for their dense knotting that gives them durabilty and long life.  This is almost 100 years old!   This rug is such a beauty BUT  there are a few areas on the verso that were glued with latex to repair some moisture damage. It is now stable but we always describe all possible defects to our rugs.

This measures 13' 6" by " x 9' 10",  very good pile.  As with all the rugs we sell, you have 7 days to cancel the sale and we will pick up the rug and refund the purchase price.

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