Impresion numerada del Artista Julio Chico

Julio Chico, 1/50 '85; Numbered Print, Mexican Artist

Priced in Mexican Pesos.  This print is by Julio Chico a contemporary Mexican artist.  The artwork measures 15' x 18" and with frame the  dimensions are: 20 1/2" by 25" Biography from Morton Casa de Subastas. Julio Chico studied at the Academy of San Carlos and before finishing his studies he entered the National Center for the Conservation of Artistic Works of INBA, where he participated in the restoration of murals and paintings in different venues, such as the Palace of Mining. His extensive mastery of sculpture, painting, engraving and muralism has characterized him as an artist who explores and ventures not only in technique but also in themes, where colors, textures, shapes and volumes acquire life and personality.He is a member of the Mexican Plastic Show and founder of printing workshops for engraving and art galleries. Throughout more than 30 years of his career, he has won international awards and prizes and his works are part of important collections of galleries and museums, such as the Salon of the Graphic Museum of Sofia in Bulgaria, the Museum of Art of Queretaro and the Museum of Modern Art of Toluca.

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