Porfiriano Bedroom Set, by Jorge Unna, San Luis Potosi, 5 pc. 1895

Peso Priced Item.  Made by Jorge Unna (Gerson) & Cia.  in San Luis Potosi. (1889-1920), His family were an immigrants to Mexico from Hungary in the mid 19th C..   

This bedroom set was the most treasured possession of the 'Senorita' Ofelia Malo Aguilar (of SLP) meaning she was what some call an 'old maid'. The soltera who stayed home with mom and dad to care for them in their later years and gave up marriage and children.  Funny, but many of the "solteras" I have known in my time in Mexico always had an affinity to fancy bedrooms, bed covers, sheets, etc.. I guess the bedroom was their private place in their childhood home, passing their lives at 'home' with mom and dad .. Her initials (OMA) are beautifully displayed on the crest of the bed and wardrobe. 

This set includes 2 night stands, a double bed, dresser/vanity and the wardrobe.  In mint condition, this set was never refinished,  like new but 125 years old. Dimensions upon request, the wood is 'cedro' in Spanish, Mexican Mahogany.   There is a process to modify the headboard by splitting the footboard and converting the headboard into King size. 

This factory was founded in 1889, it was considered the oldest in the country that manufactured furniture and had a variety of production rooms: cabinetry, decorations, upholstery, trimmings, gilding, marble, factory of billiard tables, brass beds and mattresses of spring, mirror factory, glass decorating and beveling workshop, mechanical workshop and iron and bronze foundry. The factory had a tram that connected the courtyard with the Central and National Mexican railways. Jorge Unna's factory operated with modern machinery and used steam and electricity as a driving force, it had more than 300 workers. At the beginning of the 20th century, a new factory was already being built, in the vicinity of the city of San Luis Potosí, to increase the production of furniture and household appliances.  

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