Hilario Quesada,  un-signed Mata Ortiz Pottery, 4" tall, 8" diameter

Hilario Quesada, un-signed Mata Ortiz Pottery, 4" tall, 8" diameter


Priced in Mexican Pesos. Hilario Quesada, un-signed Mata Ortiz Pottery, 4" tall, 8" diameter.

What Wikipedia has to say about Mata Ortiz pottery.  The making of pottery in the town began in the 1980s, and now about 300 of the 2,000 inhabitants in the town make a living from making ceramics, with about two-thirds of the population having employment indirectly related to the craft, either providing fuel for kilns or offering guest rooms to traders and tourists.[4][5][6] The handicraft has raised living standards considerably in the municipality from the poverty of the early 1980s.[6] Before ceramics, there was only seasonal agricultural jobs for men and for women there was nothing. Pottery has allowed residents to provide things like electricity, plumbing, vehicles and more to families.[5] The movement to create the pottery has included women as well as men since its beginning, and today women of all talent and expertise levels are found in the town.[3]The town is known for its ceramics which are a revival of the Paquimé tradition, conserving much of its style, decoration and color.[2] The air is often filled with gray tendrils of smoke from the many kilns.[7] The town has hosted a ceramics competition called the Concurso de Cerámica since 2008, now supported by FONART, and is a major handcrafts event in Mexico.[2][8] Other support for artisans comes from other federal and state agency for supplies and training.[8]Mata Ortiz has recently seen a revival of an recontact Oasisamerica pottery tradition. Inspired by pottery from the ancient city of Paquimé, which traded as far north as New Mexico and Arizona and throughout northern Mexico, contemporary potters are producing work for national and international sale. This new artistic movement is due to the efforts of Juan Quezada Celado, the self-taught originator of modern Mata Ortiz pottery, his extended family and neighbors. (507)

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