Calandria, Vintage Tlaquepaque Pottery, Signed Domingo Acero

Priced in Mexican Pesos.  Domingo Acero is the grandson of Julian Acero (who was famous for his clay toys made in the first half of the 20th C.)   The  Aceros inspired Candelario Medrano who went on to make large figures, not so much sticking only to toys for children.  Their home was in Santa Cruz de las Huertas. A small village trapped between Tlaquepaque and Tonala.  When the 'freeway' was built 40 years ago, Santa Cruz basically disappeared off the map due to road closures to maintain the intergrity of the freeway system. This is from an older Ajijic home when the current owners purchased it in the 1980s'. For that reason we do not think this is any newer than the 80's,the exact time the Domingo was working his craft.  This is signed by Domingo.


9 1/2" tall and 11" long, condition is As-Is with some limbs missing! Please look over my photos closely and ask questions.


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