Senneh -  Malayer- Iran - Kurdish - Rug - Antique Carpet

Antique Senneh-Malayer Rug, 4' 3" by 6' 2", Iran, Kurdish, Fine Woven

Priced in US Dollars.  Sanandaj (Senneh), primarily populated by Kurdish people, is the capital of the Kurdistan Province of Iran and is also considered the capital of Kurdish culture. With a population of nearly 400,000, Sanandaj is the 23rd largest city in Iran. The economy is based upon the production of carpets - including the weaving of cotton, as well as animal hide processing, grain and sugar milling and wood and metal fabrication. The Malayer are a neighboring tribe of Kurds and this rug reflects the two weaving traditions in one rug.  I would not use this work of art, not as a floor covering, this deserves to be hung on the wall! Difference in photos is the full view is inside and the details were taken outside.  

The size  is 4' 3" by 6' 2",  good condition but with overall wear, one small hole (sewn closed) and a wrinkle wear line near one end.  As with all our rugs you will have 7 days to return it in case the wear is more than you can live with, or for whatever reason. 

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