Antique Mohtasham Kashan Carpet, 4' x 6' 8"

Antique Mohtasham Kashan Carpet, 4' x 6' 8"

Priced in US Dollars:    This beautiful antique rug is an anomaly for me.  It has the delicate central medallion of a Mohtasham (that is why I call it such in the title), it has the border of a Ferahan Sarouk and the weave of an antique Heriz.  My knowledge of antique rugs is limited, as is apparent here.  But what I do know for sure is that this is an antique weaving from Iran.  The colors are vegetal and the visible abrash is a characteristic of antique weavings.  You can see from one end of the medallion to another the delicate changes in the background color of the medallion.  The indigo turned black with age on one half and stayed blue on the other.  You can also see the robins' egg blue in the lower corners of the field and the pale blue in the upper corners (this is due to mixing wool batches with the natural color variations that resulted from natural dying techniques).  This rug will have to be a wall hanging, it is brittle in several areas from age and the density of the knots (there are already several support patches on the verso). It could not support walking on it and then cleaning for very long.  It has a slight loss on each end, several spots in the binding on the sides, all consistent with its' age.  I place this rug at approx. 1890-1900.

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