Antique Mexican Jorongo, Natural Wool, Jocotepec, Sarape


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  A beautiful early 20th C. Mexican weaving with the owners' initials G.A. These are called Jorongos when there is a split in the middle for the head to pass through, since this was woven in two sections (a small back strap loom probably) it is not for certain that the center was left open or closed.  There are rewoven areas exactly in the center so I'm guessing over the past century someone decided to close the gap and rejoin the beautiful colored center medallion. These are sometimes called sarapes, zarapes or serapes.  Albiet those are the ones that go over the shoulder, the head does not pass through the center in the case of a sarape. The design is traditional  from Jocotepec (I am told by a native of the village).   

I was told  by the same source, that the reason they have their initials, was to solve any problems of ownership late at night in a saloon when all the jorongos/sarapes looked alike!! 

The condition is good but it does have some holes, reweaves and a bit frayed on the ends.  This measures  76" long and  51" wide. I took the photos outside and the bright blue sky stole some of the rich brown from the wool.  There are a couple of photos that show the true brown, not a blackish brown as in the majority of the shots.

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