Antique Bidjar Rug, HALVAI Design, 7' 4 1/2" by 4' 9"

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US Dollar Priced Item;     "The Iron Rugs of Persia". This rare design is called HALVAI BIJAR (BIDJAR) "FOREIGN FLOWER". 

Bidjar is a city located in the Kurdistan Province of northwestern Iran, populated primarily by Kurdish tribes who can trace their weaving tradition back for centuries.  Bidjar carpets are universally famous for their durability... The carpets have a tightly compacted triple.  The high tension of the weft pulls the warps into two layers, this gives the carpet great rigidity making Bidjars particularly strong and heavy, they basically have their own 'built in' underpad.for this reason they wear and wear like Iron.  This measures 7' 4 1/2" by 4' 9".   We are listing this as an antique.  I am not aware that this design has been woven in Bidjar for many many decades .. the border is a bit simpler than other examples of antique Halvai so it could be from the 1950's when the Shah of Iran was attempting to 'recreate' the rug industry in Iran by ordering the production of the best rugs of their past.. this could be one of those, meaning it is 60 to 70 years old!! A tribute to the weaving skills that a rug even only 60 years old would show no wear!!

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