Alfonso Marina: Desk from Four Seasons Scottsdale

Alfonso Marina: Desk from Four Seasons Scottsdale

Priced in Mexican Pesos.  The epitome of style and quality.  For that reason Alfonso Marina was chosen to furnish the high end suites at the 4 Seasons in Scottsdale in 2007.  Our consignor attended the sale, a few years ago, when the suites were being redecorated and Alfonso's pieces were being replaced after 10 years in service.  This is a "Mesa de Trabajo-Turin" (a desk), see photo of the label from Marina.  The hotel hung a section of cloth and leather looking vinyl on the back of the desk to hide the phone and computer cables.. we left it since it does serve a purpose .. We have other pieces of furniture from the suites also in stock.  Alfonso Mariana, Mexico City .. QUALITY is the name of the game when it comes to his pieces.. This measures 31" tall, 27.5" deep and 51" long. (78.75cm altura, 70cm profundidad y 129.5cm ancho).  Price is for one desk.

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