Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo Dining Chairs, Set of 6, Hand Painted

Priced in Mexican Pesos.  Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo was an artist whose birth home was at a Hacienda (Nogueras) in the town of Comala, Colima (now a Pueblo Magico).  After the Mexican revolution his parents could not send he and his brothers to school, so they home schooled them and after a poor beginning he became a great artist in furniture design and even drew a line of Christmas cards used by Unicef in the 1960's .  He went on to be a major contributor to the University of Guadalajara art and design departments.   In the 1970's he founded a school to train the locals in the arts of furniture and metal design.  One trait of his work is its durability.  He worked both in Mahogany and Parota.   These 6 chairs are in good condition. There are a few strips of leather on the seats that need replacing or restoring.  They are meant to support the cushions, not be sat upon. Each chair measures 40.5" tall at the back,  the seat is 17.5" wide and 17" tall (before the addition of the cushion you provide).  These are around 45-50 years old.  We will clean the wood and wax the parota wood before we deliver them.  They were never varnished, that was the style of Alejandro .   A set of these chairs is a hard thing to find now a days. 

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