Mexican Sarape,  Ing. Manuel J. Zevada

1930's Mexican Sarape, Serape, Ing. Manuel J. Zevada

Peso Priced Item.  Manuel Zevada was Mexico's Secretary of Commerce when President Lazaro Cardenas nationalized the oil fields in Mexico (1938).  In 1941 it was Zevada's task to determine which company got how much for their oil fields and plants (He had been elevated to a higher office in Mexico by the new Pres. Alvaro Camacho).  The story goes that the Rockefellers (Standard Oil) got the largest payout even though they owned one of the smallest amounts of Mexican Oil.   Go Figure!! .. Well this serape was at some point given to Zevada with his name and title as ING. (Civil Engineer)  woven into it.   It is in good condition, but not perfect.  Measures 87" long and 45" wide.  Wool and linen.  

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