17th C. Mesquite Armario, used in 18th C. Guadalajara Convent

17th C. Mesquite Armario, used in 18th C. Guadalajara Convent

This Item is Priced in US Dollars .. Once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire something this rare .. it is dated inside one door from the time it was donated to the "Convento de Señoras Religiosas de Sta. Maria de Gracia 1785".. That convent was/is located in the heart of the modern day city of Guadalajara.  It was the custom in those days that a family would give a 'dowery' when one of their daughters entered the convent.  I date this as 17th C. from the patina and design of the mesquite carvings.  It could well be early 17th or even late 16th.  The lock has the double eagle crest of Carlos V of King of Spain (1516-1556) ..There were little 'turrets' at each corner (typicla of the 16th/17 C.) but sometime in it's history they were cut off.  The base also has some restructuring, not all original. Please write for more detail and to make an appointment to view this treasure..

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