813 bar stools $1
813 bar stools 2
813 bar stools 3
813 rattan DR set $1
813 rattan Dr set 6
813 rattan DR set 5
813 rattan DR set 3
795 rustic desk 1$
795 rustic desk 4
795 rustic desk 2
795 rustic desk 3
0022 265 drill press 1a$
0022 265 drill press 1aa
0022 265 drill press 2
0020voyOlympus 710 1$
0020 VOYolympus 710 2.jpg
large rustic bkcse$
0014 NBR equipal 1$
0014 NBR equipal 2
0014 NBR equipal 2a
0011 452 terrerium 1b
0011 452 terrerium 1$
0009 KTE armchr 1a$
0009 KTE armchr 1d
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We can bill you immediately by Paypal if you have an account. Our account is in the US so you will be billed in USD.  

You can use your US/Canadian CC with Paypal directly and avoid Foreign exchange fees.


If you would like to use your CC in person you will need to visit the Bazaar to do so.  

You need to make your payment within 48 hours to guarantee your purchase.


 We can collect upon delivery in cash, US check, or Mexican check.  


Purchases of over $2000 pesos will be delivered for free to buyers from Chapala to West Ajijic.  


Purchases over $4000 pesos will be delivered for free from Vista del Lago to El Chante.


If you do not qualify for a free delivery we will quote you the fee upon completion of your purchase or you can pick up your purchases at Barbara’s.  10 to 2   Weds and Thurs. only, any sale not completed in 48 hours will be canceled and your items will go to the next person who may have tried to purchase them.


Thank you for your patience, we are still new at this and I expect some glitches will occur. 

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0022 265 drill press 1aa